Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Economic Crisis

Today As a layman I want to express my view on this subject . What is crisis? Materials not selling as per projection and profit is not sweeling day by day to the manufactures. Why
The money so hard earned are not for swindling,still he purchases out of compulson which manufactures exploits. Ex.The Bru Refill used to Rs 10, Suddenly due scarcity of coffee in the world it has increased to 3 fold. the coffee crisis ended as prices has fallen down to more or less old level. The Bru company never has reduced ,but it started giving a plastic/glass tumblers worth Rs 2/= as gift and retai n the profit level to the highest. The company fellows thinks purchasing people are fools. Naturally the consumer will think twice before purchasing and he
will purchase alternative to suit his budget. The surf at introduction was very good and at later stage the quality reduced and they introduce old quality in new brand name with hiked price and this process is continuing So people changes brands to suit their budget.
The educational expences are sky rocketting,and the parents are getting nervous as because it can not be avoided in this competitive world. They have to tighten the belt in some other expenses.

One man can not purchase all the things all the time. He has got limit,whatever may be his earnings,and the his dwellings are going smaller smaller per day and reverse the maintainance and rent.

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