Thursday, January 29, 2009

Famosa Resort

From Kulalampur 120 KM away a place called Famosa Resort is being developed by a private
party . This 100% entertainment resort. Total area is 520 HA.There are places for staying and cottages are for hire.
a) Cow boy town :- In this area there are eating pla ces, marketting places, games, 4D theatre and function hall.
The place is decorated as cowboy style the functonaries are moving in cowboy dress and cowboy dance s are being performed. At 4D theatre we witnessed a horror movie (10mts duration) in thro' Glass provided by them.The movie is not for the weak hearted persons and it is very much exaggeration .
The next stop is function hall where entertainment were being performed lively.
First it is fireworks from mouth, it has lasted for 15 mts. Then procession of animals( wild as well as Domestic). Beauties parade in walk and in decorated cycle rickshaws. Then cowboy parade and lastly thrilling fire works. The entire programme lasts for one hour thirty mts.
Then there is food joints and play area for all.
Water world :- Consists of swimming pools for all ages, High speed water sliding, kid sliding and they created a small artificial beach and ofcourse eating places. People became child and naughty in water ( both sexes include).
Animal world:- This a small zoo, free van arrangement is available for seeing entire zoo.Separate island enclosure for monkeys is there. Free raft service provided

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