Friday, April 24, 2009


CHUKHA HYDEL PROJECT IS THE another project I was associated . This project is in BHUTAN and this constructed under Indo-Bhutan treaty under Indian Aid.

The objective of this project is to produce Electricity and that will feed to eastern grid and India will get surplus current from Bhutan by purchase.The aid amount will be utilised for the purchse of electricity. The river is perennial one.
The dam was proposed at Chimakoti village. From the dam water will be diverted thro' tunnels to a fall of more than 300 mts to Chukha Power house and electricity will be produced .

Construction . The actual project was commenced in the year 1974, and I was associated with the pr0ject from the begginning

.It was Nov 2003 and Iwas at my worksite at Kadra which is in Karwar Dt in Karnataka and it is interior village and one bus will fly once in a day to near by Londa town. The population of that place is hardly 50- 75 people. My work is connected with River Kali observation Survey. I joined duty only on October 2003 . I got the standing order of releive from duty by the evening of Dec 31st and I had to proceed for joinning duty at Chukha Hydel Project immediately.I was thrilled to work in a project outside the country . Before proceeding I have got some personnel works to complete. I took 40 days leave,

In Feb 74 I joined Duty at Phuntsholing the gate way of Bhutan.

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