Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beware Of Cheats

I want to share my experience with you all the events which I faced during the recent period .
During the my visit to Chennai and Delhi some of the incidents occurred to me and I am sharing with you all .
During the walking in the roads someone will approach and ask If it is Chennai "Do you know hindi? If positive reply given to them, they will start the story that my all belongings were vanished/ stolen during my journey to some prigrim place,and now I am stranded here without any money etc. I belong to High family ( one lady along with a Infant child will be there with him to make the story authentic), I require money to go back to my native place, (the min Charge as per his narration if we calculate to reach his native place it will be 250 Rupees single fare). I will give the Address of my place as soon as I reach I will send the money by M.O etc etc.
The place you are confronted might be near Temple vicinity . He will swore by the God which is nearby. If you have fallen in the trap then your Rs 500 has gone. The best solution will be
You simply ignore the person and proceed further. Forget the one old lady ( Avvaiyar) saying " ARAM CHEYYA VIRUBBU " ie give alms . Please see http://www.kambam.blog/ .com

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shankar said...

I happened to read through the blog. Some comments -
1. I feel many of the sentences are grammatically incorrect. I think you should be a bit more careful when you are publishing for all to read.
2. A running commentary does not really generate much interest.
3. I think Birthdays and anniversaries of the month is a great idea

Happy Fathers Day