Thursday, May 20, 2010

Superman in trouble

The children as well as elders favourite in trouble . The news started leaking some were say most were of opinion it is spread of rumour and they thought and believed that this one of the adventure he has to enact and when trouble comes then only the Superman emerges from the hiding. But most the people do not know this actual trouble he only facing. The murmuring erupted when Superman saved the life of many children when train was about to go through the broken bridge.
They were few people who wanted or planned to exploit the accident and in way to make enormous money by way of repairing bridges ,removing the train bogie's etc and hurling abuses to govt and replacing it by themselves etc and etc. All have been spoiled by the good deed of Superman. As Superman is the spoiler they wanted to curb him in a possible way to avoid such a opportunity in future. They engaged some experts in law to study the country law. As we know fully each law has got some big loop to avoid . In this way the crooked fellows escapes and good man suffers.

They were discussing many possible way . One of them was Visa, travel documents, They want to know from the Govt how Superman enters this country and what way his space travel is monitored. By his travel in the air affected the movement of other space movement like aeroplane ,helicopters etc .The first solvo was fired. The Govt was in fix. Initially it was of the opinion that this is a joke. It was ignored . But in the parliament when it was raised it understood the inner meaning by the it was raised . The govt replied that the Superman was doing the good thing that even for the authorities also it will be the uphill task. But still the opponent were against.

In the meantime the children of the started voicing against the opponents for their work against the Superman. The daily condemnation the deeds of opponents became heavy. The opponents of Superman was not de terred. By hook and crook they wanted achieve the objects.

The experts of trouble shooters were called to find a solution. The quarry to them was

Visa, Air transport security, any dislocation occurred etc

After analysing all this this thinks and in broad consultation of the various peoples etc they submitted the result to Govt.

Superman is the assumed name fondly given to him by the children of the world, and his identity is secret to avoid the repercussion and further for any exploitation by the power hungered people. Only Superman knows his identity, hence providing visa formality is not possible.

The superman lies above 30000 feet which is above aircraft and hence question of air disturbance does not arise.

The Superman does the work of safety and providing security against bad elements and he is super security man

Above all he is loving human kind and all and the children of the world adore him . Considering all the aspects the experts committee has advised the govt that No Visa , immigration, customs ,Security scanning for the Superman is not necessary and same may in the case Spiderman, Batman may implemented

The Govt accepted the proposal in full.

Due this intelligent report even today also you can find expect Superman, Spiderman, Batman are coming for help for the human kind and other living being

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