Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jorhat Station

It has happened and to my nearest relative and this is not imagination . During the month of July 2012 My wife 's sister and family went for a holiday at jorhat Assam as her daughter is living in Jorhat. After completion of vacation they were at Railway station for boarding for back journey. The bogies were kept in position and they were boarding in the train .Suddenly somebody sprayed on my sister-in-law's back side. She felt and immediately  severe Burning sensation started in entire back. She throw the baggages in the seat and rushed to toilet and changed the dress . Her husband who was assisting her in boarding touched the bag he also got burning sensation. Some of the passengers who happened to touch the the handles and doors ( The spray was sprayed on door and handles also) got the burning sensation . With help of TTE my co brother(Sister's husband) he arranged complete cleaning of door and handles. In the mean time a boy who comes acting as saviour asked my sister you go for cleaning yourself I will look after your luggage. When he saw a police is coming nextminute he vanished.

A horrible experience

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