Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sandya Vandanam -people say as show business

Sandya vandanam the brahmin supposed to 3 times but Some thinks it is a  old unnecessary rituals many are not following.some are of the view it is a superstition and followed by people without any purpose.

   let us analyse what it is?   As per my little knowledge Sandyavandanam is the mixture of yoga and accupuncture. First we quench  our thirst by first act. Then comes Pranayama which good for purification of blood. Then by moving fingers thro water exercise to finger. Then comes to water solution for body pain. If you gotr body pain keep water on the palms and leave to thro fingers the body pain will evoporate.Then next action is  accupuncture thro fingers. If one by touching the lines on finger one by one it will activate the body .That  is what we are doing thro Gayatri Mantras. Then lat namaskara portion. If we join our both hands with namaskara the both left and right brain will activate ( ref  Bhakti Kumudam sometime during Oct issue).  Thus sandyavandana is the part of life .The elders has introduced in the name religion so that people will follow

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