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A useful and informative on Kidney

Recently I received ne very useful information in FB. After going thro that I feel that is very good for ourselves and others.

   It was on the subject of  Kidney treatment. Many of us unknowingly taking allopathic medicines even for very little sufferings. Reason they are telling when medicines are there why to we unnecessarily  suffer.  When we are not able to withstand little suffering the result is very big life long suffering. Ok let us come to subject.

        As my friend mentioned  his one of the close Prof was suffering from Kidney trouble. He was discharging only 5% of urine ie 50 ml quantity daily. The reason was he used take  medicine for BP daily The chemical in the medicine affected the Kidney. Daily he was undergoing Peritonis Dialysis 3 times a day.

    He has son who was an executive in computer field and regularly doing the yoga etc. He has studied somewhere that there is traditional treatment for Kidney trouble and discussed with his father.
Father has given consent he was readily undergo the traditional treatment on experiment basis. The father wants to go experiment on himself

   The treatment started Every day he will measure his urinal discharge and kept in record and one in two weeks he will sent his urine for lab test
   The result  his urine discharge has increased from   5% to 80%   He health has improved and the disease is vanished. The urinal discharge became 650 to 700 ml He became alright.

  Now the method of treatment
     This is the simple treatment  and treatment expenditure you can yourself calculate.


    .Materials required
 125 gm ginger,  one mudpot of capacity 3 litres, cloth peices   2 nos  1 plate for covering mud pot,  one mug

     1   Boil the 3 litre water
     2.     125 gm Ginger to be cut small peices
     3.    Grind the ginger peices either by maually or by mixie
     4   The juice of ginger  must be added to boiling water
     5.  Now remaining Ginger  must be  put in a peice of cloth and by folding inside cloth tightly   and put the same in boiling water, close pot with a plate and put the flame in sim mode for 20 to 25 mts

     6. Ask the patient to lie on face down
     7. Take another peice of cloth ,dip it in the boiling water . Try that cloth removing water from the cloth by hand . Place this hand dried cloth on the patients backside at at the starting of thighs till it get cool
  continue the process till pot water gets cool.

     Approximately this process will go for half an hour daily


      In the fourth finger  of leg the nerves of KIDNEY ends. Therefore one must give slight press by hands aroun the fouth finger. This will energise the KIDNEY

 Avoid sodium based foods Add one half the quantity of salt required for food. Instead of salt add Lime juice, black pepper,. If you are under PERTONIS DIALYSIS salt is not a problem

Aviod POTTASIUM POSPHRUS. Whole grain avoid. Instead one can put the vegetables in water for 4 hrs and can be consumed. This can reduce effect of phosperous.

protein is required The grains

Water Drink 1.4 litres of water daily. Fruits South indian Sambar and rasam are good
Emily   (                  ), Manjalie Haldi                           good

Vegetables  Lasun, Onion, Carat, Bringal,  green dal cauliflower, Cabbage

Fruits  Apple, Plums Lime         OIL    Alive and til oil


 Tomotto, veg growing inside ground which gives glucose like pottoto sweet pottoto banana orange

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