Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Experience

In the past one month I had dif ferent experience and revelations which has excited me and I want to share First I had a thrill of sea boating ie banana boat ,only handle support, secondly the trip to Chennai which had many surprises and thirdly a get to gather outing by 20 families in Kualalumpur.

The Boat . We had a family outing to Dickinson Beach which is located around 80 Km from Kualalumpur. This is western Ghat hence the waves are minimum .The outing was thrill.( .
This time I had been short trip to Chennai . The trip Started with mild manner. as usual the the Air India Express reached in time as per their timings one hour late. It has been nullified their's very hot meals . I reached Chennai at 12.00 Hrs instead of 10.30 AM.
This time in Chennai I had pleasent surprise.

Sri Narendran.s Son Sri SaiPrasad who I thought is only school oriented student has surprised me that he is one of the critic and he won some laurel from film industry. Hats off. Some of relatives are doing wonderful service to the humanity. One relative is helping the some coolege students in tadhri Sai Praseir fees ,books etc .He spending in lakhes. One another also helping students in big way.

In the height of it , being the professional in lawer in his spare time started one school for very poor people's children like richshaw puller, vegetable vendors etc in his town/village for free education upto school level. He imported good teachers and his wife also involved in teaching. The students comeup brightly in state level. for honouring the child he organised function .Even politician wanted to preside the function so as gain popularity, for that the politician was gently told that this is school function and the student's father was asked to distribute the honour. the good things are going on.

There are much unselfish people are ready to contribute to the soceity. We salute them .In the world there are people in all age group requires help. we have to identify them and it is strange to find one instant. One badly need person was identified ,when help was offered to him ,he started putting condition that the employment must be given nearby place only and etc etc. The donar was dumpfounded,he regretted for the offer he made to that person.

It is the request pl made donation to temple by kind not by money ,the money is being diverted from temple .

Sri Chakram installed in temple by our elders are very powerful .Whenever time comes please worship for goodness of family. EX. Mangadu temple, Sri Kamatchiamman temple Of Kanchi are some of.

Recently I had an opportunity to join in a get to gether party in K.L. Some 25 families were there. Every family prepared one item of eatable As the vareities are plenty the preparation were easy . The picnic spot was hot spring ,we had nearabout 6hrs time spent , All the young,old ,children become very younger after this picnic. We had different varieties of eatables, hot &cold drinks, sweets , Everybody brought extra eatable items also in addition to their allotted item.

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