Thursday, January 21, 2010

Grandma Clinic

In this We will be discussing about some of Grandma receipe for general good. #
Piles Now a days due to some Working condition Piles problem erupts.
SriRamdevji is suggesting Bahm Pranayamam AND ashwini Kriya. He also suggests during taking bath wipe the anus with cloth and keep cloth/cotton for 1/2 hr in the anus.

For Digestion Take roasted Channa., Omam (in Tamil.)

For Alergy Take Molassus (Gur In Hindi,Vellam In tamil. Bellam in Telugu)

For loose motion Vendhyam (Tamil)

After Taking food

Lie down with facing up inhale and Exhale for 8 times, turn right side breathe 16 times, then turn left breathe 32 times No gas formation will be there in stomach.

Ladies Finger Vegetable :- Never wash with water,a cloth should used for cleaning.

When you are having gas problem in the stomach, put Mustard oil (Sarsu da del in Hindi, Kaduku oil in tamil) in the nabi( tip of stomach) by tip of finger .

While taking bath First pour water on the right shoulder first then after wards rest of the body.

The sea water is best for skin alergy and eye redness named as Madras eye

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