Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Last week on11th June weekend ,We means the entire family had a outing in Singapore. We started by our car from Kualalumpur by 6PM . There was heavy traffic Jam ,to cross 14Km we took about an hour. It is due to the factor of Friday and it feeds the Air port traffic. Then afterwards the traffic was eased. We had a break for relax ,dinner etc and when we approached the Malaysian check post the time was around 11 Pm . after the formalities at this check post we proceeded to Singapore checkpoint which is located around 5 KM distance. In between we have to cross the the sea and a Bridge has been built over the sea. After the Singapore Check post formalities we proceeded to hotel and reached the hotel around midnight and occupied the rooms


We stayed in IBIS hotel as the land is valuable in the island the hotel room size is 9*12 feet size and in this area two cots, bath& toilet table TV etc placed. It is located in the middle of town, As we reached very late we can able woke up late and our programme this time is partially social one and less sight seeing as we already covered most of the areas . After visiting some relatives we went to Recently opened " Universal Studios " .We have been told that no entry tickets are available as it has been sold out, but on approaching some other counter as if they giving concession they offered tickets for time after 7 PM and we purchased as if we are in great show. The time was 1PM. we went around thro the monorail which connects all the 4 entrances. We went 4D show . It is as if we purchase the ticket to get our selves frightened and get medically admitted instead of getting funny and enjoyable. The Disney world in Hongkong is much enjoyable with the ticket purchased for entry. In the Disney world all shows,plays are free along with the entry ticket, whereas here in Singapore he is looting so as to say decoiting us with entry fee for each show with entry fee running about 600 Rs (Indian Currency) and cheating. Most of the places under construction but ad shows as if open. When I saw the main entrance which we have been denied in the morning is nothing but a street in New york Empire building locates and it seems the organisers are making artificial houseful condition to make people enthusiastic. I actually feel cheated . This Universal studio not fully opened, to beat the other world of entertainment is also under construction and it will opened shortly .For competition purpose the half baked one opened and the public are being looted with the help of tourist organisers.

The Second passed on with some social visit and we returned back

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