Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The IInd Innings

The IInd innings has started in the Native country. Why This Phase? The life during the earning period ie service life usually the hectic period and the period in the retirement life starts afresh with the man made frustration and unnecessary feeling of letdown by the others. Generally people feels while earning he feels as if contributing great to society which is false notion .actually he run takes shelter under the umbrella of service to avoid something. When he retires that false umbrella was snatched from him and he runs for cover for alternative employment and faces humiliation from regular employees and he swallows because he want umbrella to cover him and he consoles himself saying that it is normal everywhere. Why this humilitatation . He must face the the reality and if he understand the world is beauty. There so many things which in his young age dreamt. The time has come for fulfilling the dreams or at least to start. Service is not the only thing in the world, it is required for fulfilling the social responsibility just like marriage and it's obligations.
Now time for repaying the society has come. How? let us discuss.
There many ways one can repay the society not the money alone. Physical as well as mental also possible. One can impart his wrongs and his consequence he faced and his experience etc. Now a days if any body about olden days people will avoid one.think about one can find out the solution.
My retirement starts with a bang. In Hindu tradition if one completes 60 years " Sastiaptha poorthy Function " will be done as this will be new life entirely different from years passed. This also denotes the renewal of marriage life and we offer our prayer to God for his affection showered for the past years and its continuance.
Immediately within 2 days I went to Malaysia to be with my son and Grand son. Before I boarded the plane to Malaysia I faced problem of ECR ,which was solved within two days. When I landed KualaLumpur International Air Port,It was Thrilling. I faced Surprise Immigration& Customs Official who were always helpful and Soft spoken people. The Distance between Airport to City is about 80 KM . The roads are well maintained Within An hour I reached House. The difference of Time is 2hrs and 30Mts . I boarded Chennai by 11 Pm and reached KL by 4.30 AM.
As in first day at Malaysia I slept during the day,because of lose of sleep during night due to time . As in Malaysia ,due to cosmopolitan culture the normal feeling of strange country not aroused. The trade was dominated by Tamils and Chinese. the Tamils dominates in shops of grocery nature and restaurants where as the Chinese in electrical and mechanical fields. The transport ie taxis are dominated by the both.
In the year one I had an opportunity to visit the Malaysia several places to feel the the inner mind of the nation.Malaysian has nature mild and friendly. the nature of heavy rain has made to plant palm trees so it requires less outing and rain and less outing. As per country law one has to have Malaysian as partner to start a company and thus making Malaysian as showpiece partner foreigner starting the company thus with doing any manual work he gets money. of course now rule has been amended to some extent.
The Chinese influence is increasing .During the period had opportunity to visit Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore countries. The passport prepared during 2001 and up to retirement 2006 end the no entries were made. I thought the passport will be one of status symbol and just like proverb says " dog gone to market " But 2007 changed all and in matter of 3 years the passport pages have been filled with entries. My IInd innings are going well and with the blessing of Gods it is passing well .

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