Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My New assignment

After a very long time as a way I could not refuse I accepted an office work. In way it is a blessing and a change in way of a life which I felt and needed in someway. The work is of mental nature and less physical. The nature of work which was undertaken is entirelly different from the nature of work which I was qualified. Iam the civil Engineer by profession and I served in thew Govt Of India as civil engineer for about  40 years in the field construction and the civil designs. now after retirement the work I under took as a accountant type job which is also equally competitive. The thing is I have go from the fundamental basis which is also challenging. 

The work has been assigned as part of forgetting the the shock of life by way of my lossing my dear wife after uniting with her for about 42 years recently . In addition to above office work I have pleasure to tend my grand children in the afternoon.

The basic office work is not only maintaining the day to day accounts as well as to coordinate with the Govt tax laws connected with the work in addition to look after the welfare of the staff . Any way future will answer whether the venture is sucessful/not 

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