Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So called genius

In the recent past I came across one cultural/religious function organized in the Temple nearby. There is a natural curiosity and devotion for who participated in the function and people will in all respects will attend with utmost faith. The organisers say in this respect the performers will be thrilled when the audience are becoming more and more and in the course og time they will deviate from the original theme and wanted to show their talent away from the subject and continue to perform till the audience gets frusterated and restless and sensing the mood of audience the performers will come to original subject and in hurried way they will finish the function by by passing .

This has happen in the function held in the Ganesh 's temple at gurgaon on 15 th Aug Function . The function was SEETHA KALYANAM by the artist of Chennai Kanthimathi Santhanam Troupe. The function was started around 9 AM . Every body who attends expects that the Bhajans will be based on Seetha and Rama
. But the troupe were singing and dancing the bhajans of Krishna ,Vittala etc .and showing their talents omitting the main subject.  The time nears  the main artist in hurried way complete the subject and finally the audience relaxed. The main artist should have been in the subject starting from the birth of Sri Rama and Sita and it's connected deeds not the next generation story. Generally the the artist from Chennai used to think high of them and thinking the others are in the category of  below theirs and used to dictate the the highly educated people meanly and this also happens that day. Generally the people are in thinking that the guests should not be degenerated by the hosts and in coming artists took advantage this humility and try to dominate . I think the either artist must be in the proper subject or they should be educated to behave properly

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