Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Where To search

It has been acquisition asked/asking by most of the human beings where to to search almighty. Whether to organise the tour to religious places where there convergence of people and praying loudly and invoking the Gods. There also glitch, Immediately learned pundits will swam you with remedies and procedures and by this time one get frustrated the way he has been trapped.Just forget and proceed further also has  got one feels guilty as whether he has failed.
Then we go to places of idols which religious books prescribing. There also one may or may not get full satisfaction due crowd due which he may not have enough time to concentrate towards idols.Some places they extracting much money which only few can pay.
    The simple way the Hindu Upanishads/ Vedas offered to human beings .
One Yogi in his words has emphasised
  " hey human beings you are searching the god in Stone,earth and all surroundings but the said god is in your heart only . Concentrate on your heart  and start pray You can find the god and you can feel and your sufferings will evaporate"

 the Upanishads is describing how the god is in your heart . It has also stressing that all the holy waters are in side  the body.Treat your body nicely by way taking timely good food. The food must be taken only Haly the stomach full and then drink water 1/4 of stomach and remaining 1/4 stomach must be empty to live long and long ailment free life.  No food must be wasted  or disgraced. The living things get their life thro food only  When you feel pain or something in the body sit in one place and concentrate your mind on that particular place of pain for sometime your pain will evoporate. Do pranayamam ie inhaling of air from one side of nose and exalating from other side of nose for about 20 to 30 times daily. The effect you yourself will feel  . Whether God communicate with us. The answer is YES. When ever we are about to think of something we are hearing the first innervoice telling whether to proceed or not. And this is god's voice.     

So called genius

In the recent past I came across one cultural/religious function organized in the Temple nearby. There is a natural curiosity and devotion for who participated in the function and people will in all respects will attend with utmost faith. The organisers say in this respect the performers will be thrilled when the audience are becoming more and more and in the course og time they will deviate from the original theme and wanted to show their talent away from the subject and continue to perform till the audience gets frusterated and restless and sensing the mood of audience the performers will come to original subject and in hurried way they will finish the function by by passing .

This has happen in the function held in the Ganesh 's temple at gurgaon on 15 th Aug Function . The function was SEETHA KALYANAM by the artist of Chennai Kanthimathi Santhanam Troupe. The function was started around 9 AM . Every body who attends expects that the Bhajans will be based on Seetha and Rama
. But the troupe were singing and dancing the bhajans of Krishna ,Vittala etc .and showing their talents omitting the main subject.  The time nears  the main artist in hurried way complete the subject and finally the audience relaxed. The main artist should have been in the subject starting from the birth of Sri Rama and Sita and it's connected deeds not the next generation story. Generally the the artist from Chennai used to think high of them and thinking the others are in the category of  below theirs and used to dictate the the highly educated people meanly and this also happens that day. Generally the people are in thinking that the guests should not be degenerated by the hosts and in coming artists took advantage this humility and try to dominate . I think the either artist must be in the proper subject or they should be educated to behave properly

My New assignment

After a very long time as a way I could not refuse I accepted an office work. In way it is a blessing and a change in way of a life which I felt and needed in someway. The work is of mental nature and less physical. The nature of work which was undertaken is entirelly different from the nature of work which I was qualified. Iam the civil Engineer by profession and I served in thew Govt Of India as civil engineer for about  40 years in the field construction and the civil designs. now after retirement the work I under took as a accountant type job which is also equally competitive. The thing is I have go from the fundamental basis which is also challenging. 

The work has been assigned as part of forgetting the the shock of life by way of my lossing my dear wife after uniting with her for about 42 years recently . In addition to above office work I have pleasure to tend my grand children in the afternoon.

The basic office work is not only maintaining the day to day accounts as well as to coordinate with the Govt tax laws connected with the work in addition to look after the welfare of the staff . Any way future will answer whether the venture is sucessful/not